Friday, November 20, 2015

The list

Hey everyone,
       I'm writing this post sooner rather than never due to popular demand.... Alejandra Z. your name is now "popular"! ROTML (rolling on the mountain laughing). I know if anyone is reading this post it's probably out of mere curiosity to see if any of us have become "bearsnacks". Well I'm posting this blog to point my finger at you 👉 stick out my toung 😝 and say....HAHA I haven't seen a bear thus far, although I must admit I'm not at all dissapointed, I do have to confess I have started a list of other animals that I have come across. The "seen out my window" list, consist of; mountain lion, cayote, racoon, bobcat, bunnies, squirrel, chipmunk, deer and birds. There is definitely no more room to add a bear to that list, as I want to keep it at under 10..... I just hope the bear knows that and respects my wishes. On that note please share and like this post, in hopes that with a wider audience, the bear might read it and decide to visit the next door neighbor instead. I have soo much I want to share with you, only I don't want to overwhelm you with too much vital information in fear that you might not read the next post. A post which surely will be just as exciting as this one or even better, that is if I remember to bring my gloves next time I decide to sit in front of this beautiful scenery for inspiration.... my fingers are beyond frozen! Now if you excuse me, while I drink my delicious bear claw mocha and eat my tasty croissant!
Until next time "popular" requests another post, this is your accidental mountain mom saying, "bundle up" ❄🗻.