Thursday, September 10, 2015

Why not??

Hey you,
     I wanted to write this blog sooner, but I must admit I wanted to cause a little bit of anticipation, I don't think it caused any. Regardless of the lack of enthusiasm, I'm going to let you know anyway lol. So it was very beautiful to wake up to dear at our bedroom window accompanied by the beautiful chirping of the local birds, among them beautiful blue jays. The view from our living room is phenomenal, its picture perfect views of the Los Padres National forest, it has views of mountains filled with trees. The feel of the house is like that of a vacation home, something you wish you could live in and dread leaving when it's time to go back to the city. Tun Tun Tun!!!!! Then my dad sleeps over, of course we give him our bedroom which is on the second floor, also the last room before the backyard (open mountain). In the middle of the night the back sensor alarm turns on and my dad jumps out of bed to see a black bear on our back patio next to the Jacuzzi.... I stay calm act like it's normal, no biggy..... then go down stairs and cry in my pillow lol. I asked the previous owner about the bears and he told me that he hadn't seen one around his house in over 3 years... What a coincidence one week into our purchase and the big bad bear comes sniffing around again. No Bueno... Got to talking to neighbors and people living in the area and everyone makes me feel much more comfortable. I just have to get used to it and know how to react. Then a week later Jose saw a mountain lion walking across the mountains... which just happens to be our back yard. I guess I should be crying in my pillow again..... Tun Tun Tun!!!

Thursday, September 3, 2015

From city to rural

Hey you,
       So anyone who knows me, knows that I was born and raised in L.A.  Daughter of a couple of hard working Mexican Immigrants, turned citizens (no.. no.. not the kind that Donald Trump refers to in his stereotypical shenanigans ; we'll leave that conversation for a completely separate post). Back to the reason for my current dramatic post. I've lived in the greater Los Angeles area for 30 something years, since I was born to be do the math. There are certain dangers you have to get used to no matter where you live, those dangers depend on where it is you live. In the city those dangers included speeding cars, purse snatchers, rapist and home invasions. These were a couple of things that always had my guards up, unconsciously. My little family of 5 and I would go camping once a year, when permitted. I always thought roughing it was sleeping in a tent getting attacked by annoying mosquitos and having to walk across a long tree filled field to use the restroom in the middle of the night. Never really worrying about mountain lions, bob cats or bears. Boy was my idea of nature and roughing it really wrong. So when my Jose (my awesome husband), said we should move to the beautiful mountains of Los Padres National Forest... I thought why not? Why not?... Why not? I'll tell you why not.... on my next post.