Tuesday, May 3, 2016

White Christmas

My 1st white Christmas
     I always wanted to have a white Christmas, and was finally able to have one. I always imagined how beautiful a white Christmas would be... in a cozy cabin in the woods, with a warm fire in the fireplace and a small tree with presents underneath. I am happy to report that my white Christmas went beyond my expectations, granted it is now spring and I am still nestled in that cabin in the middle of the woods. The snow has come and gone..... on more than one occasion and we are probably looking at having our first white Mother's day! Yup way more than I could have asked for lol. The bear sightings have been posted on the local facebook page with more frequency and now we have to be a little more of aware of our surroundings, since the rattle snakes tend to come out around this time. I've been asked by many people if I have cabin fever yet... The truth is I'm not all that sure. I still look out onto the mountains facing my living room windows and am blown away in how beautiful God has made the world. I still run to the windows when I hear the sensor alarms, to see the chipmunks hiding their acorns in the ground, and maybe just maybe deep down inside hoping that one of those times I catch a glimpse of a bear walking across the mountain.
     I don't know whether at one point or another I have gone through a little cabin fever, but I'm sure that if I have.... it has not lasted long enough for me to notice. It's still as beautiful, serene and exotic as when my family and I first fell in love with this little hidden treasure. I must admit, I do need to find a hobby.... I have gained 15 pounds since we moved here. Not joking or LOL.  

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