Thursday, May 5, 2016

Crazy bird!

     I have seen a couple of beautiful birds up here, they don't seem to be very shy. Among those birds their is one species that just seems to be abundant on these mountains, and is also now one of my favorites. The male is blue and black with a big Mohawk on his head, the female does not have a Mohawk instead her belly is a whitish color. I've been trying to get the perfect picture of it, and have had many opportunities. Problem is that these little birds can't sit still enough for me to snap the picture at the right angle. It always flies off from tree to tree, all within my view. It doesn't seem like it's trying to hide at all, but mock me! This bird can always make me smile, it has so much spunk and personality. I see him running across the yard or street all the time like a roadrunner, and think to myself there goes Nathan. Nathan's my nephew, he is soo funny and has his own crazy personality oh and coincidently he wears styles his hair in a Mohawk every now and then. I was thinking to myself how could an animal remind you of a particular person and then remembered that my daughter Kayla commented to me one day that their was a dog that reminded her of her uncle. LOL They do say kids don't lie right..... I'm not sure if that counts because she's a teen, and we all know that it's second nature for teens to lie! Before we stray away from the topic too much I want to go back to wild personalities and crazy hairstyles, everyone has been asking me why I died my hair.... So I guess for the sake of not feeding into the possibility of cabin fever I'll distract myself by writing another post this week of where my crazy hair decision came and why not...... along with a picture! Till then here's a picture of the little crazy bird with the bad ass hair style. Till next time, the crazy hair lady!


  1. These are fun to read! This is a Stellar Blue Jay - boys and girls have mowhawk and the other is a Scrub Jay - they love peanuts in the shell -

  2. Thank you Donna. Yes, I think they are related to the woodpecker. They look so much alike except that the woodpecker is black white and red.