Friday, May 26, 2017

Call me author!

     I've always been a strong believer of the saying, "everything happens for a reason." I whole heartedly believe that God has us all where we need to be although it may not always be where we desire to be. It's easy to have faith when everything is going according to "YOUR" plan, but true faith is entrusting God has everything under control even through trials and tribulations. For those of you that are asking why I am talking about faith when it is irrelevant to the title of this post? It's because to me it has everything to do with faith, giving credit where credit is due is one of the easiest ways to show gratitude. God has never failed me and for that I am grateful. I might not always understand God's ways but I know that if I wait and have patience he will provoke an undeniable "aha" moment.  Living up here in the middle of tall brown mountains, covered in a blanket of green trees and under an umbrella of clear blue skies surrounded by natures soundtrack, is natural inspiration desired by so many and for a multitude of reasons. What for some brings about a way to feel closer to God, nature and the important things in life, for others that same thing can be artistic inspiration, a sense of self enlightenment or the key to writers block. Who would have thought that there could be anything but happiness in paradise.  I have often found myself lost in such a serene, peaceful paradise and although in the last blog the pros outweighed the cons, it is innevetable to feel a sense that I should be doing something more. I lack the feeling of self accomplishment, I have 3 beautiful children and a handsome husband that I continue to raise successfully on a daily basis and that in itself is a beautiful feeling, but the hollow in my heart burns with an unreplaceable desire. So with the intention to fill this empty space in my heart, I unsuccessfully started my job hunt (hey don't judge me, it's a start). Turns out I live a little far from the nearest "real" city to get a full time job while not neglecting my motherly duties. The hunt for a part time job followed with no more luck than the first, the money would barely cover gas money and little profit.... I literally brainstormed every possibility and they would all lead to the same lonely, sad dead end. I felt a little defeated and desperate at times, then I reminded myself that God had me in this exact place in this particular place in my life for a reason... and I had to do my part and figure out what that reason was. Obviously a nine to five or a part time job are not the reason. God talks to us all the time, although sometimes we look for his answers to be brought down directly by "the man" or to be spelled out in the clouds, and we overlook his answers, like the little voices in our head or the signs we pass off as coincidences.


  1. I believe this as well Alejandra - I think in short time you will see exactly your place and your hearts desire - something where you will feel fulfilled. The longing is something you should not ignore but I really feel you are doing a terrific job as Mother and wife and what could be more important?

  2. Thank you Donna, your words warm my heart.

  3. Good luck, Alejandro. Life can be a dilemma at times.
    Carol Smith

    1. Thank you Carol. I've come to the conclusion that you either walk through lifes issues, let them mold you make you stronger and lwarn from the uos and downs. Or you find the nearest corner cradle up on the floor like a baby and let your problems grow.