Friday, May 12, 2017

Bears, bears and more bears

      Those dang diggidy bears must not have face book, I remember posting not wanting to run into any for lack of space in my "seen out my window" list. I guess they didn't read my post. It seems as though this past summer I saw the bears more often than my family, they were everywhere. I must admit, seeing a momma bear watching over her cub while he played with an apple as though it was a ball was a beautifully touching sight. That beautiful sight sure did turn into a nerve wrecking one when momma bear stood on her back legs to check me and my cubs out. That  statuesque posture she held while making sure we were not a threat was enough for me to put the petal to the metal and haul ass up the driveway. As beautiful as they are and as mesmerizing as they are to watch from a distance, I wish I don't see any this summer... , did you hear that cute, fluffy bears? Come again another year. Thank you for reading my post, make sure to give it a like and if you really did like it make sure to share. Until next time.

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